POEM: Dream and Awake

Time and time again is what you keep saying.

The wanting to try and go, but the urge to stay is holding you tight.

You see the spell that cast your eyes.

The one the make hope glimmer, but it does not shimmer.

The ability to laugh is no more.

All the tears are gone and now there is nothing more.

You try to see the good that once stood there.

The hope that this was all not a dream.

The day you awake will be the day the dream dies.

It has everything that holds you up. But breaks the bones that keeps you.

You walk with regret but stand tall without the love that you once had.

There is nothing to do and nothing to say.

Your dreams are not here, but your heart is.

This time you must break it so that you can finally awake.

Then start living the nightmare that you have been dreaming.

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