Just Love

One thing to say today, and that is love. Love your people while you still got a chance.

Poem: To You

I am writing you the story of you.

A story that I do not know, but that knows you well.

A time where the future meets the past.

Where hope lives outside our dreams.

The one thing that have desire but does not try to please.

This is the story I am writing, a tale that is not real.

A story that is all within, and dreams from rooms across the sea.

This will go down in history, as one would hope.

This is my writing that I am giving you.

A piece that will not make you happy.

It will make the heart do what it does best.

It will beat, but mine will simply stop.

That is the story I want to tell.

Poem: Say

I saw something today.

It was a ray of light hiding behind the grass.

Feeding off the vibes from the falling rain.

It did not speak, but words were said.

The sounds of the earth ratting through the pain.

Giving the light a new meaning to its name.

Time is moving on and on, but the love is lingering.

Will it fade as the day makes it wave?

It seems that way, and there is nothing else for me to say.

New Writing

A have been thinking the last couple of days, and I have an idea about my first writing project for this year. This year I want to commit to writing a television show. I have the idea, and think I know what I want it to be about. I just might need help with it. I want to write and develop a show that is for people like me. This will be a show about people that are living a life that is fun, but complicated.

This is going to be a journey, and I am finally ready for it. Life comes at you fast, and it can all be over with a blink of an eye. I would really apricate all the help that can get. You never know what can happen.