Poem: The Road alone

I see the hope that brings me here.

The story that gives love its wings.

My heart feels the things that no one could ever see.

I think I might cry the tears that gives me joy.

The sorrow that I have when you cross my mind.

Makes me wonder are my feet planted on the ground, or is this sky?

Am I buried in the sea, but somehow, I am breathing without you next to me?

I have all the hope that you will make it.

For me there is none.

I have failed so much that the heart aches no more.

The sent of you climbing to the top, only make me realize that I am at the bottom of the rock.

I cannot be the one next to you.

I can barely stand with the wind of the trees.

When I bow my head, it is not for grace.

The shame of being without is one that you should not see.

I must let you climb so that I can walk this lonely road.

Poem: Out my way

So much pain, but not enough tears to cry.

I do not know where to begin, this is not expected.

Could this be true or is this déjà vu.

Time is not on your side it only let you down.

The more I try to wish it away, the more the pain pulls me back.

This world belongs to you, and all the dreams you dream.

The sand in the hourglass has almost run out.

We got to get this thing right, before it stops.

I try not to cry, but the tears always show up at my door.

The more I resisted the more they break the door down.

Who am I without you?

Is this the night that my nightmares come true?

Our love no longer stands tall, and the walls have started to fall.

I need to go, but my feet would move.

My love is leaving and this time it is not with you.

I do not know what to do but walk not run from you.

That way I can hold onto all that I can from you.

As you walk out my way.