Poem: Sun Clouds

The sun is not coming out today.

The clouds will not let rays come through.

Raining is starting to fall missing everything but the trees that hold the shade.

Listening to the wind, but only hearing the song that no one understand.

Trying to figure out why the pain is running deep.

Why is causing me not to see.

Thinking about the times when we were free but worry but the times when we cannot see.

Not all is right here, not all is wrong.

The words that linger on the lips but hang by the tongue.

The things that we cannot say, but the things we cannot see.

Trying to figure why this is me.

Why I cannot be the thing that you need.

The thing that makes the sun.

The thing that gives you hope, and less worries about love.

Why cannot I you love me again?

That is all I ask the sun.

The clouds just seem to get in the way.

Poem: Day/Night

Looking at the sun trying to catch the stars.

Nightfall’s and the stars still do not appear.

Rumblings from the moonlight keeps you at bay.

Trying to find ways where they can meet each other’s rays.

Always a near miss, but each day they grow further apart.

Loving the night light but hunger for the heat that brings you to your knees.

Telling stories to others to hide the dark matter in your heart.

Feeling alone when the room is crowded.

Learning that love has never been real.

Focusing on the future but forgetting about the present.

You stay looking up hoping that tomorrow will come.

So, you watch the sun for it is chase for a new day.

Then you cry under the moonlight, for another day has gone.

And all you did was watch the sun.

Poem: Grow and Burn

I can see clearly now.

My eyes are open to all the disaster that I have cause.

The storm that weathers my soul is starting to set free.

The fire that burns deeps in your heart, can cool off with mine.

I have given you water to nourish and grow.

Now it is up to what you want to show.

I done my best to make you well.

Let see what the sun can do to make you grow.

How much longer can this burn?

Poem: Not Bright

Please stay with me.

It is all that I ask.

I know I cannot offer you the sun, but I can give you the world.

It may not be the one you imagine, but it will be the one you can hold.

I know how the story goes; the ending is not one I am willing to see.

There is so much here, yet I still see in your eyes the wiliness to leave.

I know the moon draws you in, and that my light is never as bright as you deserve.

There is nothing to say, but I beg for you to stay.

My life is not the one that is meant for me, so I understand if you want to leave.

I cannot say this is not fair.

I have given you all the reason to shed a tear.

I just ask for a second chance.

A chance to make it back once again.

If you go, there is one thing you should know.

I was never dark; your light was just too bright.