Poem: Your Dreams

I see the words, but the paper is blank.

The story that is in my head cannot leave my body.

The thing that I love is one that I cannot have.

Stories are being told, but the pen cannot fit in my hand.

The thing that makes me move is also the thing that keep me still.

I do not know where to start, but I do know how it ends.

To tell is to sing without words.

It is to walk without moving.

I cannot tell you what is happening.

I just know a dream is blossoming, but the nightmare is still around.

Poem: The Road alone

I see the hope that brings me here.

The story that gives love its wings.

My heart feels the things that no one could ever see.

I think I might cry the tears that gives me joy.

The sorrow that I have when you cross my mind.

Makes me wonder are my feet planted on the ground, or is this sky?

Am I buried in the sea, but somehow, I am breathing without you next to me?

I have all the hope that you will make it.

For me there is none.

I have failed so much that the heart aches no more.

The sent of you climbing to the top, only make me realize that I am at the bottom of the rock.

I cannot be the one next to you.

I can barely stand with the wind of the trees.

When I bow my head, it is not for grace.

The shame of being without is one that you should not see.

I must let you climb so that I can walk this lonely road.

Poem: The Rain

Dreams are coming and going.

Love is living in a time where it is unknown.

The thing that makes you wonder is all but gone.

The smile that woke up the sun, has brought storm that you do not run for cover.

Rain is pouring, and yet you feel nothing.

They call your name, but you hear no sound.

You are distracted with the thought of being wet, but nothing willing to get dry.

The wind blows, and you are still standing strong.

You are no longer tall, but you are not willing to fall.

If you fall then, you might miss the thing that brought you here.

Your love, but it is forever gone.

It left when I decided to go, and you told me no.

I wish I could go back, but you are no longer.

Where are you?

I do not know.

I wish I could tell then maybe I could get dry.

Then I would no longer fell the rain.

Poem: Fight

The dream that lives is the same one that died.

The hope for the future never stops the rain from pouring.

Life is not real it is full of truths that hides in the dark alone.

You may think this is faith, but time is your winner.

The things that make you smile will also make you scream.

That is why you must give it all or risk the tree not standing tall.

The dream you want might not be the one that you have.

This is the time to move the needle, and let the light find its path.

The things you want are right there so go on, fight for your right.

You never now when it might be over and gone with the sun.

Poem: Smile

I smiled today and there were no tears.

It was everything that I hold dear.

The train came and to bring an old friend.

We always seemed to pass each other by.

This time I decided to wait.

We were looking for each other and thought it was time to meet.

I looked and waited and even said hi to someone new.

Today I smiled and hide my tears.

Tomorrow was never today one that is not sure.

I knew that this would be the day that I would go bye.

So, I smiled today.

Not because I was sad, it just was time.