Poem: loving you

There is something that I need to say.

I do not know if the words will be enough.

The time you have given me is worth a lot more than I have given you.

The tears have made a pool full of sorrow has me drowning without help.

This is the time for us to grow and move with the way of the world.

Yet I am scared to know if you feel the same.

The journey to find you was long and sometimes I question was it worth it.

The battles were hard, and I am tired of trying to win.

Is coming out on top all that this relationship has left.

That the loser has no choice but to lower their head in shame.

Then accept defeat as it is.

This needs to end we need to movie like a mighty hurricane and change our course.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I am sorry.

The truth I just do not love you anymore.

Poem: Storm

Why are you here?

I thought this was not the place you wanted to be.

The storm did not bring the rain that you hope for.

It brought the thunder and the lighting I prayed for.

The things that would make you scream.

The love that once stood the test of time is falling with every puzzle piece.

There is nothing here not even hopes and dreams.

The love has faded, and you never notice untiled the page was almost gone.

The eraser has been out on us, and it is almost complete.

Love and life are not meant for us.

The battle of the sun is not worth the life of the moon.

You may not agree with me just know the storm has given us a pass.

A chance to move and it is time for me to let you go.

I do not cry over the love that is lost.

I cry for the things that were not gain.

The battle is not worth the fight.

The storm is finally over and now I see the light.

Poem: Move

Stuck in letting go but feeling free in the willing to stay.

Trying to move forward, but the storm keeps pushing you back.

You try to make things okay, but what is there to be okay about.

The storm is coming closer, but you still cannot move.

You start to cry, but tears fall down your face.

What is happening what is wrong with my feet or is it my soul.

The wind is pushing closer and there is nothing standing around.

You try again, and you still cannot move.

This is it you have given up hope.

Then you stop worrying and let everything be.

Then you became free.

Now you can move.

Poem: Our Storm

The storm is here.

The lighting and thunder scare me.

Yet I cannot run from it.

There is something about it that draws me.

The wind is blowing everything from around.

Things that have given me joy are no longer there.

As they pass me by, I do not reach out to help.

I cannot even say their names.

Once the winds stop, so does my yearning for them.

The rain is coming harder then I have ever heard before.

I am not scared; the hard sounds calm me.

As other run and hid, I just sit and listen as it drowns out their screams.

Once it stops, I can no longer hear, and I do not care to look for them.

The storm has come and gone, and now I am at peace.

Poem: I don’t know

Back to life as if nothing has change

Yet as I look around only dust and dirt remain

From the people that used to hang around the corner store

To the old man begging for change down the way.

You rush to check on your love ones

Then you remember that they are not there

The children are not running around outside

And the oil is no longer dripping from your uncle’s car

The shelter you hid in is suddenly gone

But there is a light that is shining bright over there

You see a familiar face that has been gone for years

When you touch her face it makes you feel real?

As soon as you turn your head, she is gone with the dust

Like the man down the street or the neighbor in the front yard

As you look around trying to see if this is real

You wake up and weep for things that has disappeared.



I just felt as if I needed to write something so I wrote this. I am still figuring it out.