Fun and done

What is it like to have fun? I honestly do not know if I must say so. The last time that I actually had fun would have to be almost three years ago. This is year has been really hard in more ways than one, and everyday it seems to get harder. There seems as if the end is no where in site. I just want to have a day where I am just chilling with my family like we used to, but I learned that it will never happen like that again.

When I go home it just does not feel the same. The vibe is just completely different. Nothing feels the same. It starts with people, then the environment. There is always places that I used to go to that I cannot go to anymore, for either it is not there, or the person is dead. I just wish everything can go back to normal. The one thing I learn about life is nothing will ever be normal as we get older that is apart of life. That is the sacrifice we all have to learn to make.

Another thing tennis is back!!!!! I cannot wait.

Story: Now that you are gone

This is a monologue form a story I am writing.

“I remember the first day I saw you, and I must say at first I wasn’t impressed. Sure, you were gorgeous, but at the time I di not know that I was in the present of my partner for life. We were at different points in our lives if I do say so myself. I was sitting with Tommy, Logan, and Aubrey, then you walk up with Sharon to talk to Logan. I did not look at you at first, but then when I saw I though wow, but at the time I was not ready to be in a relation especially one with you. Then a couple days later I remember seeing you sitting in the yard by yourself, and I decided to go reintroduce myself to you as they say. Ever since that day sophomore year you have been by my side. I never thought that the day would come, and we would become one, but it did. You are and will always be the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I promise this to you no matter what I will always love you. You will always be the person I run home to when work is done. T he person I will always tell my deepest and darkest fear, and not worry about a soul hearing. I want to also say to you that I will never leave you. I will always be you protector, and make sure that you have nothing to fear for the rest our days. These are the vows that I am making not promising to you, but guarantee that I will be the one to hold you hand to and make sure that the tears you cry are from joy, and not sorrow. So, from this day forward we will be one.”


There will be more to come this is just a little snippet of what I am writing. I must say this is not a love story.

Poem: Today I will die

Today I will die

I do not feel sad

Nor do I feel worried.

My emotions are gone

It has been too long

This day has been coming for awhile

Yet I am still unprepared

Today I will die

I don’t know what will happen

And I do not care

I just know that I will not be here tomorrow

My sun has risen

And now it is time for it to set

Today I will die

I used to love the light

But the dark has always called my name

I was always within its sight

I never tried to steal your light

There is not a day I don’t regret being you shade

Today I will die

I am trying not to cry

Not for me and my well being

But for you for I know it has come too soon

And you feel alone and blue

Today I will die

So please don’t cry

Heaven has waited long enough

Or is it hell that is pulling me

Remember the night that the moon smiled back

The day the sun made us sleep

Remember me for the way we became

And not the way I left

Today I will die

I am going to the other side

Is it bright like you

Or dark like me

Just remember we will see each other eventually

For you are leaving with me



Short Story: City of Sin


Raven and Aubrey were on their way back from Las Vegas, this time everything that happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. While they were in Vegas, Raven found out that she was pregnant. She wanted to tell Aubrey right then and there, but she decided to wait until they got home.

When they arrived at the airport, they first thing they wanted to do was to find something to eat. They found this bar called Angie’s, so they sat down at a table and waited for the waitress to come over. While they were sitting at the bar, they kept noticing a recurring thing, there were kids running around everywhere.

“Look at all these kids running around here,” “Don’t this makes you want to have kids right away,” she said.

Aubrey then looked at her with a smirk on his face and did not say a word, but under his breath, he whispered, “No. I can wait.” He thought that Raven didn’t hear him, but she did.

They both look at each other and Raven’s face was as white as a ghost. When the waiter comes over Raven orders a glass of water, which surprised Aubrey for second. The whole time she is thinking what he just said. Did I hear him right, he is not ready for kids, but just last week he said he could not wait to have kids with me.

“Hey” as he rubs Raven on the shoulders after he realized that her mood had changed. “What’s wrong you seem upset?”

At first Raven does not know what to say, she wants to tell him that she is pregnant, after that comment she is feeling conflicted. This is supposed to be a happy time for the couple, the only reason they flew to Vegas was to get married. The wedding plans were driving them insane, so they decided to just get it over with.

“Huh, what did you say,” Raven said

“I said are you okay, you seemed upset about something,”

“No, I am good, but do you think that we are ready to have kids,” “You mean now, I don’t think so,”

“Why,” Raven asked.

“Because we are almost done with school, and this is not a good time right now.” “Why do you ask,” Aubrey asked.

“Just with all the kids running around here it just makes me think that we are ready,” “No, let’s give it a couple years,”

After that conversation, Raven was even more confused than she was before. She really wants to tell him that she is pregnant, but how will he take it after saying all that. For the next 30 minutes, they both sat in silence while eating their food. As the kids continue to run around it is making it even harder for Raven to not tell Aubrey about the baby.

So, as they sit in the airport waiting for their plane to leave, Raven decides that she is going to tell him right here and now. As she builds up enough courage a kid runs over and sits all over Aubrey’s clothes. The minute this happens, she can see the angry forming inside of him, all the momentum is gone. Now she will have to wait until they get home, but she says no and blurts it out.

I’m Pregnant.


Short Story: Here and Not


My family had owned a lot of things of things I remember as a child. I remember my granddad always being gone, and I remember my grandma always when anybody asked about where granddad was, she would say “he is gone to make sure we have more chickens then hens.” I still do not though what that means till this day. I just remember him being gone, and my mom would be gone with him sometimes, because my uncle never liked going. At lease that is what we were told when we were little. That is only half what I found out that my family has been hiding from us. The people who you are the closes too, can sometimes be the ones that hurt you the most, or they can do some worse than hurting you.

Five town, Alabama the town that the Millers built, or the town that they destroyed is what some people would say about. My grandfather Brody Miller was a charismatic man who had dreams of being lake his father, but better and more successful. That he was; he was just like his father the good and bad. My grandfather was the man I thought that I wanted to be when I grew up, nut then I learn who he was not who I though he was. He wasn’t the handsomest man, butt the way he carried himself people loved and feared him. He was married to my granny Mary Mae for over 50 years, and as it turns out that was not the only thing that was impressive about him.

My grandma Mimi as we called her is the sweetest lady that has graced this world in my humble opinion. I cannot think of a time in which she has not asked or wanted for anything except for use to be right with God. That was always one of the downfalls about her in my opinion is that she cared too much about what the Bible said, instead about what her heart or soul need. My grandfather had put her through some of the worst things that a person could go through, but you never seen her down and out about. She was strong, yet selfless to herself with all aspects of her life. That was up until a few months ago when she had to let it go.

I’m Andy, I recently started my junior year at the University of Sandy Alabama. USA as we like to call it.  Late last year I finally decided on a major Political Science and Criminal Justice. I have always had a thing about digging up the truth about something that I maybe should not be involved with. I always knew that my family was hiding something, but I never knew what it was until this summer break when I decided to dig and find out what it was. I’m not how can you say well liked person in my family, but out of all my cousins I can say that I am the only one that is doing something with his life. If you looked at my appearance you could not tell. My hair is never brush or comb for the fact that I don’t care. I am always in sweats to the point that is the only thing people think that I owns.

A few months back schools were about to eb done for the summer, and I was debating back and forth with myself weather I should go to summer school so that I can finish sooner, but then I got a call from my Mother. “Hey, are you going to school this summer,” I don’t know year, why you ask?” I asked her. “Well we think your granddad is going to pass soon. He is not doing so good.”

That was pretty much her way of telling me that I need to come home. My mother was not the kind of person to tell you what to do. She would only hint at and you are supposed to get and do it. If you don’t, she still wants to say but you can feel it all over in the way she speaks to you in the condensing tone. I never liked really going home that much it I was never for me there. I grew up in Five points a medium size town in Alabama, that was not too big, and not too small just right enough. The town always had the air of the hopeless, but god loving bliss. It was something that I was not too find of. It was something about that made feel like that it was a town that got you to something, not to stay in.

After receiving the phone call, I knew what I needed to do. I had to come home. As I drove the nearly 4-hour drive home, which consist of no major cities, but the land of  the old getting gutted down for economic gain, but not the prospect of the land.