Poem: Homegoing

Dear my loves, I know you are crying right now, but please stop your tears.

You need the water to grow the spot that I will leave in your heart.

A spot that will take time to heal from the pain of losing me.

I know you may need to see my smile or feel the love I have for you.

Just know that it is there right inside of you.

It is just my time to head to my forever home.

Where I can see the ones that left before me.

The ones that love you as much as me.

This is not the way I wanted to say goodbye.

It was just my time to fly.

So, I ask once again please do not cry.

I am going home.

Where I will wait to see you once again.

Poem: Waiting

My love the time has come.

The time we all knew would be soon.

The time that has come for most, and now it is here for you.

I have met my faith and did what had to be done.

It is almost your time now, and finally you can see the sun.

The lights that have become harder to see will finally be clear.

The vison that has haunted most is now one that will no longer bring fear.

This is not a test, this is not a rest, this is just the next step.

I know you are scared, and wondering is this it?

The answer is yes, but do not fear.

You will find me waiting my dear.

I have looked out and over for many years counting down the days.

I know this is hurting them most, but this time I need you more.

We hoped that we would have more time to share with the ones you loved.

You had more than me and that is all I can think of.

This journey with you have been one that made dreams think that this was not real.

The journey is ending, and the start of the unknown is waiting.

Do not cry just know that I am waiting on the other side.

Poem: Hometown

The place where anything is possible.

The place where the desires were made.

The same place where they were laid to rest.

Seeing the things that made you think about the future.

Is leaving you with only regret for the things that happen with your past.

The ones that have fallen in love, to the one that have fallen out.

Hoping that things will be different, but wishing they were the same.

The one place where living is supposed to be easy, but it is anything but.

This is the place where you were born and bred, but no longer where you lay your head.

This is your hometown, the place that made you.

This is also the place that made you want to get away.

At the end of the day this is still home.

Poem: Where is the Love?

Where has the love went?

It used to stare me in the face, now it is nowhere to be found.

The things that built bridges is the same thing that is breaking them down.

Where oh where has it gone?

The answer is in my face, but I just cannot see.

A love that is meant to be will stand any river that runs through it.

I know where I must go and who I must see.

The things that started this love is the thing that will bring it back to me.

The solution to the problem is correct.

This love will never come back unless you look.

Choices were made and decisions are now on display.

There is no where to turn, but to the person in the mirror.

Once that person learns to love what is looking back.

Then we will no longer have to wonder where the love went.

Poem: Okay

You come to me and ask what is wrong?

All I can say is I’m fine.

I smile and walk on by.

You try and speak to me, and my words stop before I can answer.

The joy that lived within me has all but vanish.

I do not know me.

I do not know the person I have become.

I just know the hurt that lives within my pain.

The pain that I refuse to say from where it came.

Deep down I want you know that this is not me.

This is the me that you have made.

The person that was created to help you heal.

Then you got well, and I feel ill.

I try to go back to one that was here before.

I think currently that is no more.

My ship has sailed, and my love has failed.

This is the new me.

The one that has no words but smile just make sure you are okay.