Poem: Rest

The water is running cold, but when I touch it, I get burn.

I made a jump today one that would make the moon cry.

I am doing the thing that gives hope, but not love.

The one thing that we all deserve but are too stuck to get out the way of the train.

Can you believe it I did something without you?

I did something that I thought that I never could do.

That the trees did not blow for me to move with the wind.

I am living the life that you wished, and the one that I dread.

I am living in the storm of my nightmare but hoping to awake and be in your dreams.

I must stop and let you rest.

Your time is done, and my is still running.

You are not with me, yet I see and feel you all around.

You need to rest, and my thoughts are becoming worst as the time pass.

So, rest and now I will live for us until it has become our best.

Poem: Rest

I am trying to think of something to say, but my words are gone.

The tiredness of my mind can no longer carry my thoughts.

It keeps going, but it does not end or make any sense.

When I try and rest, I sit and worry about what to do next.

I need to be like the river, the one that holds no secrets, but everyone still goes and tell.

Instead, I am like a tree that has no end.

 Soon my time will come, and it will be too late.

The clock is winding down, but I keep going with all my nine lives.

Sleep is what is needed, but the rest is never there.

If the eyes are closed the mind still must go.

One day it will all end, and the rest will begin.