Poem: Ever Last

Tired and confused about the way things are.

The way I want things to be is coming up short to what they are.

Everything that first seemed so right have turn into a disaster to dark to see.

Nothing is the same and nothing is given.

Lost is occurring through the storm of forgiveness.

The hope that dreams were built on, have wash away with the flood from my pain.

Why me I can no longer ask.

The question has been answered more ways that I cannot see.

I think I did the right thing, but now I see I was a nightmare that ran my dreams.

I hope tomorrow brings the hope back, but right now I cannot see that lasting.

Poem: Old Ways

The days of yesterday are no more.

The thought of being with friends are gone.

High school had ton of highs and mountains of lows.

The people that you used to hold close no longer answer you call.

Time is drifting and pulling them further apart from you.

Yesterday is no more and today is already done.

You wish it was the same, but the dream is fading away.

The early morning has turn into earlier mornings.

The late night has become less and less.

You are no longer running away from the old ways.

You are not running to them, but you cannot find the path.

It cannot be done, and time is telling so the dream is fading.

Yet you still wish for it well.

Poem: The Way

Reaching for the light is harder than reaching for the stars.

You have your eyes on the target, but you keep missing.

The story of life is starting to rain, but the one you want is dry.

You feel the vibrations that move your feet.

The way you walk is hurting the spine that holds you back.

You look to other, but too afraid to hear the answers.

The way you keep pushing is keeping you back.

Life and love are no longer intertwined.

The things you seek are found, but not by your site.

This is what holds the door to your future, but the past is keeping it shut.

The way you give is taking from the way you want.

There is no beginning to see your end.

It is the way it will be.

Poem: If

If the water stop will rain not come?

If the world is moving, why am I still?

If dreams come true, why are mines nightmares.

If the sun always shine, why am not warm.

If you meant for me, why are we not one.

If we are together, why am I always alone.

If this real answer my call.

There are no more if about.

If this is real, why am I me.

Poem: Jump

The journey to the past is filled with desire for the future.

Everything is within site, but the reach is far too great to touch.

 This is the moment you take that jump.

The one that you may miss, but it is something that you are willing to take.

The cries are gone and somber of the world is now what drives you.

Will this be good enough?

There is no time to think.

You must go, and hope that you land in the place that holds your desires.