Poem: Jump

The journey to the past is filled with desire for the future.

Everything is within site, but the reach is far too great to touch.

 This is the moment you take that jump.

The one that you may miss, but it is something that you are willing to take.

The cries are gone and somber of the world is now what drives you.

Will this be good enough?

There is no time to think.

You must go, and hope that you land in the place that holds your desires.


Poem: destiny

Fear is losing, but you are not winning.

Hope is drowning, yet you are covered.

To move you must take risk.

 They become harder than the mountain.

The fall is not graceful, it is a tumbled as the weeds pass by.

You see the future and it is not bright.

The light that shines on it can only go so far.

This is the destiny that you want.

This is not the one that is paid for.

Will you get it right, or let it simmer like the midnight flame.

Pick you battle and go for the fight.

This is it your destiny awaits.  

Poem: Shade

The love of light is not slander to the shade.

It is about the hurt of the dark that no longer draws pain.

The gold that you search for in your soul can not be found.

The things that you want are not in sight.

You look at the love that seems so right, but deep down those corners cannot be.

Sleep waits for you, but for how long can that be.

The night was everything you needed it gave you strength.

Now you must call the daylight home.

You try to understand, but you are confused to what end.

The next thing is to go, but you do not know.

Maybe try to make peace with the light.

That way you will be able to relax in the shade.

Poem: What’s Next

What is going on?

The tears are trying to fall, but the water has run dry.

The thoughts of what happen is living in the nightmares of your soul.

You see the things you want, but the strength to go for them are gone.

There is no love to give, and none to receive.

This is not you, and this not the move.

The clouds are coming, and you cannot see.

Will it ever get better than this?

Is there life in front, or death the next step.

The time to think is running out.

The move you need to make has no sound.

So, you look to the ground and there is nothing.

The dirt does not even call it home so why should you.

You look to sky and still there is nothing.

What is left to do?

Tears are coming back, and once again they still cannot fall.