Poem: Mirror and

Do you see what I see?

The person that has nothing but is willing to give it all.

At no cost to them, but their soul.

The soul is the highest price that you can bare.

You have tried to sell more times than it was offered.

The mirror tells no lies.

Yet all you see is someone who has no name.

A person that has never love and will never be love.

The mirror tells no lies.

Your face holds all the truth.

The truth that others are afraid to say.

It is written all over your face.

With the courage of others is helplessness for you.

You want to win but losing is your favorite.

Is the mirror lying, or are you?

Poem: Silence

The silence is getting loud.

It is all that surrounds me.

The wave of thunder is creeping up.

The noise is getting louder, and it will not stop.

I am lost in the sea, and no longer looking to survive.

All I have is not all I can give.

The noise is filling my head and it is no longer silence.

I hear the cries for help.

The moans of worthlessness.

The struggle to just make it until today.

The rumbles that no longer make you think.

What is happening is this me?

Yesterday never came, and today is still the same.

This is all me, and that is all I can hear.

Will this all die down?

Is this the storm that I have been chasing?

The one that made me start running.

The one where I no longer belong.

Where the hurt lives in the pain of quiet.

The noise is starting to become too familiar.

It is starting to make me feel at home.

Poem: The Dream

The shock of going to the woods alone never scared me.

To wonder the world without heartbreak gave me chills.

Now it is the only thing that lets me survive.

I stop looking for love when it came to me.

I thought it was all I needed to live.

Then it became all that I never wanted.

I chase a dream to only realize it was a nightmare.

This time it could not be cured by waking up.

I stop chasing that dream, and everything I wanted came alive.

Poem: My Life

My power is no longer my drive.

My will has can no longer carry me.

My hope is not my salvation.

My redemption has no praise.

My strength gets no applause.

My love has no life.

My life is gone.

My story shall never me told.

My world is everything, but me.

My ability is one that is not given.

My dreams never came true.

My wants are never for me.

My work will never be seen.

My silence is always heard.

My life is gone.

My soul has no story.

My freedom never came.

 My tears are filled with fear.

My life is gone.

This is my story.