Poem: Jump

The journey to the past is filled with desire for the future.

Everything is within site, but the reach is far too great to touch.

 This is the moment you take that jump.

The one that you may miss, but it is something that you are willing to take.

The cries are gone and somber of the world is now what drives you.

Will this be good enough?

There is no time to think.

You must go, and hope that you land in the place that holds your desires.


Poem: What’s Next

What is going on?

The tears are trying to fall, but the water has run dry.

The thoughts of what happen is living in the nightmares of your soul.

You see the things you want, but the strength to go for them are gone.

There is no love to give, and none to receive.

This is not you, and this not the move.

The clouds are coming, and you cannot see.

Will it ever get better than this?

Is there life in front, or death the next step.

The time to think is running out.

The move you need to make has no sound.

So, you look to the ground and there is nothing.

The dirt does not even call it home so why should you.

You look to sky and still there is nothing.

What is left to do?

Tears are coming back, and once again they still cannot fall.

Poem: The Rain

Dreams are coming and going.

Love is living in a time where it is unknown.

The thing that makes you wonder is all but gone.

The smile that woke up the sun, has brought storm that you do not run for cover.

Rain is pouring, and yet you feel nothing.

They call your name, but you hear no sound.

You are distracted with the thought of being wet, but nothing willing to get dry.

The wind blows, and you are still standing strong.

You are no longer tall, but you are not willing to fall.

If you fall then, you might miss the thing that brought you here.

Your love, but it is forever gone.

It left when I decided to go, and you told me no.

I wish I could go back, but you are no longer.

Where are you?

I do not know.

I wish I could tell then maybe I could get dry.

Then I would no longer fell the rain.

Poem: Dream

The story of me is different then the story of us.

Dreams are not always had in the dark; they need light.

Nightmares come when we stop looking.

That does not mean we let them ruin the way we were.

Memories are had between them both, but we chose the ones we let bloom and grow.

This is the day we let the worries go and chose the fight that led us here.

Sleeping is something that is needed, but not always held dear.

We took a break and let the nightmares run our way.

To live means you must dream.

Dream about your wants and needs, but beware the nightmare are right there.

That does not mean that you run and hide.

This is a calling for your destiny that is buried inside.

Try and go as far as you can.

Give them water and watch them blossom and grow.