Poem: Dream

The story of me is different then the story of us.

Dreams are not always had in the dark; they need light.

Nightmares come when we stop looking.

That does not mean we let them ruin the way we were.

Memories are had between them both, but we chose the ones we let bloom and grow.

This is the day we let the worries go and chose the fight that led us here.

Sleeping is something that is needed, but not always held dear.

We took a break and let the nightmares run our way.

To live means you must dream.

Dream about your wants and needs, but beware the nightmare are right there.

That does not mean that you run and hide.

This is a calling for your destiny that is buried inside.

Try and go as far as you can.

Give them water and watch them blossom and grow.

Poem: Back a Little

I thought about you today.

It is not that I do not think about you all the time, but today it was different.

I thought about when you were younger and had dreams about seeing the world.

The things that made you wonder, and made you feel at ease.

It was something special, that made you special.

I thought about the house that at the time you did not know would become your home.

The one that you did not like, but the one that made all your memories.

Little did you these would be some of the last that you had with the people that you love.

Everything was special, but you did not know it or care to enjoy it.

I thought about the trees, it was five of them.

You watch them grow and bloom as they did with you.

You had your favorite, yet you will never say which one it was.  

This was a different time, and you were you, but were you?

One year ago, seems so far, yet 20 seems a lifetime ago.

I miss this person; I wish you could go back and do again.

Would everything be the same, I do not think so.

You learn and grow and that is what happen.

I often wish you could be back there.

Then I think about, and I will just enjoy the memories instead.

Poem: Swim

The world is never still, but my heart is.

My life is constantly moving, but I never see anything pass me.

I only see one thing, you.

The ocean once scared me, but the day I met you I stop drowning.

We are not perfect, but the love we share sometimes is.

I said sometimes, not all the time because we are always swimming past each other.

This is not me, and this is not you.

We are two people that are stuck in the ocean, that no longer can breathe.

Yet, we are both fine.

The worries we once had are gone, the stress is free, now we can be.

This is strange, but the way we connect is what make this works.

I am turning blue, but I do not care.

It just means I can get one more kiss before my final bed.

Poem: Falling

My heart is heavy.

Not from pain, but from worry.

My future, my present, and my past.

All things that keep my mind running every day.

The things I did are hurting the things I am doing, to destroying the things I want.

I am my own worst enemy, yet my enemy is my best friend.

We move as one, and when we break, we never can come back together the same.

 Trust is something that we give, but it often taken for granted.

The time we waste is the time we lose the thrill.

We must take changes to make advances, yet we must be careful, or we will fall.

Yet the falling is what gives us hope.

So, it is time to start falling.

Poem: Time Clock

I wish I could go back to when everything was simple.

The people were cool, and my worries were small.

I had dreams and I had plans.

This was the time to be alive.

At least, that is what I used think.

Not anymore, all I think about is the pain and wanting out.

Younger me was confused, but the older me is no better.

I can never go back, and I learn to stop trying.

What happen then was not thriving, it was surviving.

It made me who I am today, but the no luck kept pushing the goal post further away.

Now everything is getting closer, and I am afraid to miss.

Will I take this shot, or let it pass me by? Time is running out, and I do not think I will beat the shot clock