Poem: Too Bright

Seeing the light has made me hate the sun.

It became too bright for me to feel.

It remined me of the things that I have lost.

It also made me hate the things that I have gain.

The story it tells remind me of the ones that I cannot write.

The way I hade hope for the future because I was told it was bright.

As it turns out it is not as bright as one might think.

It has a dimmer that I cannot set.

It shines on the one thing that I always regret.

It shines on you.

The one thing that brought me out the shadows.

The thing that can no longer be.

I cannot stand in this light anymore.

Knowing that it reminds me of you.

The things that you did that I can no longer do.

I need to go back to where I belong.

The darkness is where I called home.

POEM: Dream and Awake

Time and time again is what you keep saying.

The wanting to try and go, but the urge to stay is holding you tight.

You see the spell that cast your eyes.

The one the make hope glimmer, but it does not shimmer.

The ability to laugh is no more.

All the tears are gone and now there is nothing more.

You try to see the good that once stood there.

The hope that this was all not a dream.

The day you awake will be the day the dream dies.

It has everything that holds you up. But breaks the bones that keeps you.

You walk with regret but stand tall without the love that you once had.

There is nothing to do and nothing to say.

Your dreams are not here, but your heart is.

This time you must break it so that you can finally awake.

Then start living the nightmare that you have been dreaming.

Movie Review: Promising Young Woman(2020)

I recently just watch one of the best movies I have seen in a while. Promising Young Woman, a movie that just feels right to me and it is living in my mind, and I like that. I know this film just came out over a year ago, and yet it feels so timely to me. The story fits with what is happening with today society, and it tells the story perfectly in a unique way.

PYW, is a film about a girl dealing with the trauma that happen to her friend who was a promising young woman. She confronts men who try to rape women when they think she is drunk, and she deals with them.

  Carey Mulligan is great as the lead. I believe everything that she is going through and she gives off emotions as being cold, and you can just feel it from her. This is a good thing. Emerald Fennell is the writer and director behind the film. The choices she makes with her direction makes the story feel smooth and everything flows great together. The music is a good key element to the film for me. It fits the mood and the tone for me, and it comes on at the right time.

There is something about this film that seems off, but it draws you in, and it takes you into the moment that the character is in. I cannot pinpoint it, but it is there.

The one thing I think is missing is just little bit more back story. We know something happen that night, but I would have liked more details about that. I would have liked more details about the boys. We do not meet the boys until close to the end of the film. This is a type of film that makes you want to be a writer. It makes me want to write more.

I would give this film a 7 out 10.

Poem: Addict

All it takes is one, just one is all you need.

So, you take one, then nothing.

Okay one was not right how about two.

Okay so let’s take two.

Two is not bad what could that do.

You take two and still nothing.

You wait and wait.

An hour later hay let’s take one more.

It is just one, what could that do.

Then you take one.

Still, you feel nothing.

You read the bottle it says take as needed.

At this moment you need it, and so you take it.

What harm could it do?

Then day after day you wash and repeat.

You ask yourself the same questions and the answers stay the same.

Who does this?


This is you.

This is your addiction.

This is me.

This is just a poem.