Podcast: Reveal PRX American Rehab

I just got done listen to a new sort of podcast. I mean it is spin off from a podcast I listen to on occasion. This podcast is call Reveal PRX American Rehab, it is a deep dive into an episode they did on Reveal, that episode was the American rehab system. I must say I was not expecting everything that I learned, this show open my eyes to the rehab systems in America. There is so much that I cannot explain it here.

The podcast start talking about work-based rehab, and how did they get started. They also go into detail about how these types of rehabs have spread throughout the country over the years. They are on a search to see if this is legal. There is so many twists and turns which makes for a great podcast. There are only nine episodes, and they are not that long. It is great drive and listen podcast.

Poem: Swim

The world is never still, but my heart is.

My life is constantly moving, but I never see anything pass me.

I only see one thing, you.

The ocean once scared me, but the day I met you I stop drowning.

We are not perfect, but the love we share sometimes is.

I said sometimes, not all the time because we are always swimming past each other.

This is not me, and this is not you.

We are two people that are stuck in the ocean, that no longer can breathe.

Yet, we are both fine.

The worries we once had are gone, the stress is free, now we can be.

This is strange, but the way we connect is what make this works.

I am turning blue, but I do not care.

It just means I can get one more kiss before my final bed.

Poem: Love?

What is this pain?

The one where it hurts to look up.

Where it seems as if the sun is always shinning in your face.

This pain hurts like no other.

 The knife in the hand wilt the blood dripping on the floor, yet I am numb to it all.

The thought that this is me and there is nothing I can do to change it.

This is one is serious, and yet it is one that moves me like the wind move the leaves.

Is this real life or am I dreaming?

The thought of losing something that you never knew you could have.

What is going on with me?

Could I be in love?

Could I be losing my love?

Poem: I and

What is going on with me?

The person I am is no longer the person I see.

There is nothing about me that I can smile with glee.

I tried to change, but that did not last long.

Can I start again? Yes.

Will I, do it? I do not know.

As the mirror shows it is not my friend, but it is not my enemy.

We are just cool, which is a place I do not want to be.

I think we need to talk, but the conversation is not one that will end well.

We must figure out why I no longer like me, and why this union just cannot be.

Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, but love is right around the corner.

The only question I have will I walk or run.

Poem: The Den

It holds everything, but not everything.

The secret conversation in the dark, the heart ache of two lovers drifting apart.

This place was special, yet I barely can remember what it looks like.

I just remember the things that happen there.

The way it made us feel as stood on its grounds.

It was not a home; it was just a room.

The room where the family would meet, the room where they would part.

It could not hold heat or air, yet it was full of it year-round.

It was not always there; it was something added on as the family started to grow.

It was the bed for some of us, it was the dance rehearsals for most.

The place that gave us hope, but also showed us everything is temporary.

It gave us grief, over the dead.

It saw us cry as we try to heal the broken parts of our body not could not quite heal.

It brought us to together as it was slowing tearing us apart.

This was not just a room; this was our room.

This was the den.