Poem: Finding Me

My mind is open, but it is not free.

My heart is broken, but it is not shattered.

My love is real, but no longer here.

My strength is weaking, but my soul is on fire.

My anger is real, but my hatred is gone.

My doubt is selfless, but my giving will never change.

I have tried all that I can to be me, but me is no longer working.

I do not know any other to be, but I know me is just not enough.

I thought I was going to be whole by now, but I am just as broken as ever.

Will my life ever change, will my love ever stop being ignored.

The answers are not giving at the best, but the rest is what we need.

I cannot give an answer to the you, but can you give one to me.

Is what I am doing in vain, but just my pain.

I could just be too open and broken to know, but I have to find the reason for being.

Poem: Me

Today I am scared,

I do not know why, but something is terrifying to me.

My bones are hurting, and my soul is shaking.

I wake up and I cannot breathe.

I wonder is this the end.

This is all I got.

Sometimes I hope so, but then what will be the point.

My life is over, and I have done nothing, and now I cannot not move.

Why can I not move?

What is going on with me.

I do not understand why my heart is beating a 1000 time faster than before.

I try to stay positive, but I cannot find a positive thought in my head.

Have I always been down?

The answer is yes.

That is who I am.

That is who I will be.