Poem: Flowers

Flowers hang on my window looking like you.

They once were bright and full of light.

Now they are slowly drifting away.

I tried to save them, but the pain they were delt was more than I was willing to bare.

This hurts you just as much as it hurts me.

I tried to push through, but what was the point of baring the fruit.

I looked for answers, but each day another part of the flower would slip away.

Then one day it was nothing left for me to do.

I held on hoping that one day they might come back to me.

I did all I could, but still it was not enough.

Then I realize that I was trying to hold onto you.

The you I once knew.

The you I love and loved me.

I had to let you go, but I cannot.

That is why I still look at window and I see the flowers you gave. I might just have to take them to the grave.

Poem: Burden

There is nothing left to say.

I tried to give it my all, but I still came up short.

What can I do to make it right?

Is the battle worth the fight?

The circle is almost closed, but I keep trying to erase the lines before it close.

How many times can I do that without tearing it?

This paper is not as strong as it seems.

I am already halfway wearing out form the trouble of me.

 I always thought that I wanted this, but it is starting too not be as clear.

The quiet no longer scares me, it makes me feel whole.

My wholeness is always my weakness.

 Can I make it to another day, or do I need to just run away?

This is hard for me, but is it hard?

I do not know.

This a burden that I just must bare.

Poem: Can We Talk?

Hello can we talk?

There is so much I want to say and do.

Right now, all I can do is just feel.

Can you do that with me.

Let us just be one in the moment.

You do not have to speak.

I feel the earth moving, my heart beating, and breaking.

I never though this day would come.

A time where we could just be, and nothing else.

Our love is growing, yet I feel it is separating.

That is why I am glad that we are here now.

We are face to face.

This is a moment that I never knew could be.

I need to say something, but words no longer exist.

I am asking you can you feel my heart.

Can you feel my love, my hurt and my wanting for more?

That is all I can say right now.

That is all that needs to be done.

We have, yesterday, and we I hope we can have tomorrow.

If we cannot talk today, we have the rest of our live to get the words out.

They may not be pretty; they may not be kind.

The truth of the matter they may not be filled with love.

The one thing for sure they will be heard.

So, I ask again can we talk?

Poem: Clear

The wind is moving the tress.

The sun is hiding the moon.

The storm is coming, and I cannot move.

I just stand in the middle looking from left to right.

I do not know what I see. I just cannot move.

Everything starts to go blur for a while, and the only thing I see are faces.

The faces of friends, enemies, and lovers.

As I stand there surrounded by all, everything starts to fade away.

The faces are disappearing, and my heart is leaving with them.

I used to hate them, but now I realize that I miss them.

They are apart of me, but I know that they can no longer be.

We have to part, and they my hearts open.

My confusion becomes clear.

I am becoming me.

Poem: Go, I must.

I am scared.

This is a feeling that I keep getting,

I should not be feeling like this, but it keeps happening repeatedly.

Deep down I know what must be done,

But I am terrified to make that leap.

They say have faith, but I lost that years ago.

Faith and me no longer can coexist.

I need a push.

A push that will hurt, but I need that pain.

I need to move on, but I cannot.

My feet are glued to the floor.

They are stuck with what is right, and what is best.

I am lost in this world that I no longer want to be.

I just want this to end.

I cannot be here anymore.

This is what is best for me.

My heart is no longer hear, and I can no longer bear this pain.

I can never make the right decision for me.

I guess that is because I never believed in me.

Now it is time.

It is time to move on,

But I have been stuck in this spot for years.

It has become my home.

A home I use to, but no longer want.

So, I think I must go.

It will not be easy, but it is for the best.

I must find my heart.

So, I must go.

Go, I must.