Poem: The Road light

Walking the roads that holding my heart.

Now my head is hanging low as the trees tear it apart.

Looking at the houses that once stood tall.

Now falling to ground without a soul breath.

Looking ahead trying hard not look back.

I end up stuck in the middle while the light is no longer red.

Trying to figure which way to go.

I look back and see my path is not yet grown.

Wondering why this cannot be when this place is no longer me.

Then I realize this place is me.

This is my first destination, and it looks to be my last.

Poem: Day/Night

Looking at the sun trying to catch the stars.

Nightfall’s and the stars still do not appear.

Rumblings from the moonlight keeps you at bay.

Trying to find ways where they can meet each other’s rays.

Always a near miss, but each day they grow further apart.

Loving the night light but hunger for the heat that brings you to your knees.

Telling stories to others to hide the dark matter in your heart.

Feeling alone when the room is crowded.

Learning that love has never been real.

Focusing on the future but forgetting about the present.

You stay looking up hoping that tomorrow will come.

So, you watch the sun for it is chase for a new day.

Then you cry under the moonlight, for another day has gone.

And all you did was watch the sun.

Poem: Bright light

Today was a day.

One that has brought me joy, but even more pain.

I was able to see the light, the closer I got to it became harder to see.

My joy is so far gone, that my light does not know how to stay bright.

I wake up each day thinking that everything can be better,

But as the sun goes down, more and more it become untrue.

I hate my light.

Joy no longer lives here.

I am no longer here.

You are no longer here.

I wish that we could meet one last time.

Maybe that is why my light can never be bright.

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Poem: At least

Today I will not be sad.

I chose not to be the darkness friend.

The thirst for it no longer exists,

At least not yet.

I woke up and I saw the light.

It was not the one I used to want to see,

It was the one that I needed to see.

It was the one that my heart had to feel.

The one my soul has yarn for,

But I was too afraid to let it in.

The dark has always been my friend.

Seeing light was something new.

I usually always choose the worst.

Today I have decided to choose what is best.

I could be wrong, and it could be gone with the morning sun.

But today and hopefully the next,

I will only see the light.

At least I hope.

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