Poem: Search

Where have you been?

I have search for you for the last couple of years.

I looked and looked but noting came.

Then one day I stop, and you appeared.

My heart started to open that day.

It was not easy, it was torture.

Pain is a beautiful thing when the result is meaningful.

You are my pain, and I am yours.

That is why we can no longer look at each other.

We do hurt well, and over time it no longer hurts.

You will always be my rock, and the one I will give my heart to.

My heart just can no longer break.

The pieces are shattered.

It is time to look again.

This time I am looking to go.

I found the one that was for me.

You fixed the whole that was my heart.

It just broke the part that was put together.

Now we just must go search for the best.

We just cannot be one.

Poem: Forgive

The sun is out today.

The sun was out yesterday but was not as bright.

I hope it comes out tomorrow, so maybe I can see it.

I remember the last time you saw the sun.

It was only for a second, but it seemed as if it lasted for hours.

I remember the tears, that ran down your face.

The hurt I caused that made you that way.

I never said I was sorry.

I just let the pain sit on the depths of your heart.

Instead of trying to heal it, I only stirred the pot.

Do I feel sorry, yes, will I apologize no.

I know I should, but my heart is hurt too.

My pain is ignored because yours is worst.

Pain is pain and neither one of us did the right thing.

We both had the knife, and the only difference is you stuck first.

I just went a little deeper.

That is what made us.

This is also what broke us.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel different, but now I just cannot say I am sorry.

Poem: Another Day

Another day full of hope

That has quickly turned to sorrow.

I keep dreaming and wishing for better,

But I never can seem to get it.

I want joy and love.

Is that too much to ask?

As I look around it seems it is.

The only thing I seem to get is pain.

Which is my best friend.

It has come closer to me then some of my own family.

I seek it when I do not know where to go.

I crave it when I wake up in the morning.

My life is not kind.

It is one that I wish would stop moving,

Maybe then I can stop breathing.

But I must keep moving.

I need to act quick and get out of this funk.

Then again what will I look for when the morning comes.

Do I love me I cannot say that I do, but I hope someone out there does?

Maybe I will meet them, but for right now I must prepared for my pain tomorrow.