Poem: The Road light

Walking the roads that holding my heart.

Now my head is hanging low as the trees tear it apart.

Looking at the houses that once stood tall.

Now falling to ground without a soul breath.

Looking ahead trying hard not look back.

I end up stuck in the middle while the light is no longer red.

Trying to figure which way to go.

I look back and see my path is not yet grown.

Wondering why this cannot be when this place is no longer me.

Then I realize this place is me.

This is my first destination, and it looks to be my last.

Poem: The Choices

Looking at road and not knowing which way to go.

Should I go left and do the things that are uncommon.

Travel the way in which you know nothing.

Then you get to experience the things that make you ask questions.

The things that makes life.

Should I go right and do what is expected.

Live in a world where you know everything and that is it.

The sense of adventure is gone, and you do the routine that has already been written.

The choice we have in life are always two.

You do what is expect or you take a chance and run with the winds.

There is not an in between.

The world never gives you that option, and if it did why would take it?

The is the beauty and the disaster we deal with in this thing called life.

Poem: Okay

Cold nights, hot mornings not knowing will this ever end.

Dreaming about the stars but living with the dirt.

Trying to find a way out, from a hell that you call home.

A place that has shown love, but spews hate.

The way of life here is not having one.

The times you try to think about the future starts becoming less.

Having tears for dinner, and silence for dessert.

You look out the window and you see something.

A little hope is looking at you.

Then you realize that everything will be okay.

Poem: Hope Light

The rain is falling and not a light is in sight.

Wishing that the heart ache of today will soon dry away.

The rain is picking up, and the water has now covered your feet.

You start to panic, and your knees go weak.

The winds are pushing you back and forth, but you never buckle.

The rain is no longer your friend, and the storm is starting to become a struggle.

Then a light appears within the distance.

It is far and dim, but it shines as far as you can see.

As your knees starts to tumble to your feet.

A strength appears, and you become less weak.

You move closer to the light, and it starts to grow bright.

You see something that you never have before, hope.

You take a step at a time, and as the light draws near.

He says this is not it my child.

This is only a test.

Fight with all your might and let me do the rest.