Poem: Okay

You come to me and ask what is wrong?

All I can say is I’m fine.

I smile and walk on by.

You try and speak to me, and my words stop before I can answer.

The joy that lived within me has all but vanish.

I do not know me.

I do not know the person I have become.

I just know the hurt that lives within my pain.

The pain that I refuse to say from where it came.

Deep down I want you know that this is not me.

This is the me that you have made.

The person that was created to help you heal.

Then you got well, and I feel ill.

I try to go back to one that was here before.

I think currently that is no more.

My ship has sailed, and my love has failed.

This is the new me.

The one that has no words but smile just make sure you are okay.

Poem: Last Destiny

Why do you do this to me?

As much as I try to love you all it does is make me hurt.

I give and give and all you do is take.

There is nothing left for me to give myself.

It always seems as if I am giving it all to you.

Then I get nothing in return.

Is that all I am to you a person that is only good to take from?

That is the life that I am living.

This bond that was once unbreakable is about to shatter.

The heart wants what it wants, and now it is starting to not want you.

The one person that you are destined to love is making that destiny hard to fulfill.

Time is running out and the things you have taken are starting to add up.

There is no tomorrow for what I need to do

I think this is for the best, so I must leave you.

I can forgive what you have taken, but I cannot forget what I have given.

This is the last call, and I cannot call anymore.

I wish you well, but I wish it more for me.

Poem: Pass you By

Sitting here watching the cars pass you by.

Is something that is done without anyone asking you why.

The thought of one of them stopping to say hi.

You wish each one knew your name.

That they will answer anytime you call.

That is what you hope, but it is not what you dreamt.

The day is all most done, and yet all did was sit.

Time comes and time goes, and you just watch everything pass you by.

You sit and watch them pass you by, and you never get up and say hi.

This is the life you are living.

The story is being written.

You are now just watching things pass you by.

Poem: loving you

There is something that I need to say.

I do not know if the words will be enough.

The time you have given me is worth a lot more than I have given you.

The tears have made a pool full of sorrow has me drowning without help.

This is the time for us to grow and move with the way of the world.

Yet I am scared to know if you feel the same.

The journey to find you was long and sometimes I question was it worth it.

The battles were hard, and I am tired of trying to win.

Is coming out on top all that this relationship has left.

That the loser has no choice but to lower their head in shame.

Then accept defeat as it is.

This needs to end we need to movie like a mighty hurricane and change our course.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I am sorry.

The truth I just do not love you anymore.

Poem: The Game of Life

The tragedy to live is the hope we give.

The falls of death knocking at out our door leaves to a spring in our step.

Willing to participate but wanting to never get pick.

The game is never as simple as when us two are playing it.

You lose the war but win the battle so which one was your best.

The last to start is usually the one who is the best.

You hate the game but never stop playing it.

When will it become a way to live and not an act to shield?

To shield the war’s winner and the loss of the power that was gain.

This is just the game of life.