Poem: Dream Afraid

The time is not tomorrow, it is now.

The pain you have will not last always.

Like the river there is an end, you just cannot see it yet.

You must be strong, not for others, but this time for you.

Worry less and think more.

Do not listen to bees, they will distract you.

Try to harmonize with the birds and let them guide you.

It seems hard, but that is life, so you must get up and try.

Help is not something you are often asked but is not rarely given.

Deep down you need it, but like the root of the tree you cannot move.

Your dreams are running away, yet you are walking.

Are you going to let them pass you by?

Stop thinking what if, those what if no longer care.

This has an end you just have to meet it at the door.

When it knocks, do not be afraid to open it.

Go For It

I must say the last few months I have been doing something that used to make me scared, and that is chasing my dream. The one thing last year has taught me is that time waits for no one, and you must go after what you want. There have been times where I have not been totally sure what my dream are. This last year has made crystal clear. My eyes are now wide open and I not ready to shut them yet.

Yes, there are still times where I am not sure what I am doing is the right thing, but I know that the worst thing that can happen to me is to fail, but that is apart of life. That is something I have learn to accept, and it is a chance that I am willing to make. I know it will not be easy, but to me that seems like the fun part. I know that seems kind of strange, but you have to be willing to struggle to get to the end goal.

Though I know what my dream are, it does not mean that they will come easy. These next few weeks, maybe months, it could even be years, but I am ready to take on whatever it brings me. There are things that scare me, and somethings that make me second guess what I am doing every single day. That is why I go back and forth with everything that I do. I need a change, and I think it is time for me to make a change.

If there is something out there that you want to do, just do it. I maybe hard and will take time before it might actually happen, but you have to that tomorrow is not promised to you, so take that leap of faith. The end goal is what matter.

You vs. your wealth vs. your dreams

I know I have not posted anything in a while. That is because I have been busy writing. At the very beginning of the year, I had a goal of trying to post something everyday, but soon I realize that would be a challenge, and I was up for it. Then covid happen and to be honest life took over. I was not ready for what I was about to be dealt. When everything pretty much shut down, I must admit I did not know what to do I was lost, after a couple of weeks I took advantage of the situation and got back to reading books. I read two or three books doing that time, and they both inspired me to get more creative with my writing again so I did.

Jump to a few weeks into this lockdown I gave myself a goal to have my first screenplay written by the end of the year. I am almost done, thought it might not be good, I am happy to say that I did it, or rather I am doing it. That just goes to show that if you want something bad enough you will get tired of waiting on it to happen, you have to go out and get it. You may fall down a couple times, but you must keep trying until you reach that goal. This lockdown has not been good to me on a mental side, but it showed me ways to cope and how to deal with things that I was afraid of dealing with.

When it comes to my wealth, it has not been great, but the battle is not over and I know I can win, when it comes to my dream that is battle that I am refusing to lose and I am in it for the long haul. If there is anything I can say to people is make sure you are making the right decisions for you, so that tomorrow is better.