Poem: Easy

Thinking about the dreams that no longer exist.

Wondering where they went.

Sitting and watching everything pass you by.

Not having the strength to move, but always trying to go.

This is the life that you are living, this is the life that you are given.

Is the choice the stay the one that you want to make?

Is the journey scarring the sense that control your mind?

Will you ever be able to live the way you want?

That is not happening, and for once you are not sad.

The motivation to succeed has been overtaken by the struggle to survive.

Will this ever get easy?

That is all up to you and words you say.

Poem: Dreamland

Yesterday I had a dream.

It was all surreal that I still do not know if it was real.

It told the story of me and then I saw the story of you.

The one thing I did not see was the story of how we came to be.

The lives that were living peaceful without a sound.

Now everything is uneasy, and my feet are off the ground.

I try throughout the day to see if this was real.

The world is not kind to people who believe like you and me.

The land of dreams is where I would like to reside.

That is something that I know cannot be, and a vision that I will never see.

This is all I have dream today, so I will go back to sleep so I can dream away.

Poem: Shine

The world is spinning, and the light is going down.

The hope for today is spinning through the air.

Helpless wonder draws a circle around your face.

The shouts and the stares are coming from ones you love dear.

The things they say are whispering in your ear.

Some are good, and some are the words you dare not to hear.

Yet you keep moving forward.

In hopes of breaking through the noise.

The dreams are still burning a fire deep in your soul.

The water they pour cannot put them out.

They just grow stronger with each drop.

This is your time to shine, and you know it.

The only question is are you going to take it.

The answer is up to you.

Poem: Move

Stuck in letting go but feeling free in the willing to stay.

Trying to move forward, but the storm keeps pushing you back.

You try to make things okay, but what is there to be okay about.

The storm is coming closer, but you still cannot move.

You start to cry, but tears fall down your face.

What is happening what is wrong with my feet or is it my soul.

The wind is pushing closer and there is nothing standing around.

You try again, and you still cannot move.

This is it you have given up hope.

Then you stop worrying and let everything be.

Then you became free.

Now you can move.