Poem: One-Way

Looking from the heavens above.

As people gather for something that no one can explain.

Friends come to show they care.

While family come to grief and to shed a tear.

The one thing they both have in common is love.

Something that bleed from soul down to my toes

Though you cannot see me know, know that I am there.

I am in the spine of the chair that holds your back.

I am in the walk of the steps that carry you.

We you are about to fall know that I will catch you.

We can still have our talks, sometimes I might not reply.

Just know I hear you, so please do not cry.

Though the tears are falling like rain, this will heal just not today.

This is not goodbye; I am just on a one-way trip.

Poem: Lost Friend

The shadows of light are no longer.

The feeling of warmth is now surrounded by the bitter cold.

Getting up is no longer easy.

Walking is making me lose my breath.

Knowing that you are leaving and now I cannot speak.

The person that has held my hand and wipe my tears.

Is leaving me and I do not know how to feel.

I cannot go numb that would mean that this is real.

Dreaming about the days when life was sweet.

To now trying to hold back the tears, to point where I cannot see.

I know we will meet again.

Our table is already booked.

One day I will be okay, but right now I am missing my best friend.

Poem: The Pit of My Tears

The journey to being free is one that is lost.

The wind blows and you end up in place where no one knows.

A place that is known by all except you.

You try to dig deep down in your soul, but the pit is too far.

You stop before you can even reach the center.

All you want to be able to live.

Most importantly free.

The cost is more than your bank account has to offer.

Your pride is holding the tears from falling down your face.

Yet you smile can no longer hide the broken heart inside.

Why is this journey the hardest to bear?

Not the one that has cuts and screams.

The one that is the easiest to handle has become the hardest to manage.

As the tears start pouring no one can see the pain.

They see the rain that is coming from my eyes.

The sorrow that is buried in my soul is running to hide.

Yet no one ever ask why.

You never volunteer to share.

Poem: Me again

Do you think of me?

Do you think of me when you are sleep?

Does your mind ever wonder why my tears only fall when I see you?

When the fire burns out at night do you ever get worried?

Have you become numb to my feelings at all?

These are all the questions that I have for you?

These are the questions I must ask me.

The person that I love to hurt.

The person that only knows hate.

The person that will never understand what it means to feel or to be love.

It is a grave that I have dug.

One that will burry me.

Why does it hurt too just be me?

Will there ever come a time where my tears no longer run dry?

I guess that is just another question for me.