Poem: My pieces

What is this that I see?

Is this the person I want to be?

Is this who I am?

I used to be on the A-team, now I can barely stay on D- team.

Lately all I do is hang out in the dark.

The thought of seeing the light let me know that everything is real.

So, I hang in the shadows, and escape to another world.

That does not make it okay, deep down I am no good for me.

What made me happy, only draw tears down my face.

One day I know the door will close, and it something I used to pray for.

Why can I not make me happy?

Did the dark side win?

I no longer see the person I want to be.

This is who I am.

Too broken to see the pieces to put back together.

I will never be more than who I am.

The dream has given up on me, we never could agree.

The tears no longer leak, and the heart is too broken to see.

This is where I must be.

Alone for the world to see.

Poem: Dream Afraid

The time is not tomorrow, it is now.

The pain you have will not last always.

Like the river there is an end, you just cannot see it yet.

You must be strong, not for others, but this time for you.

Worry less and think more.

Do not listen to bees, they will distract you.

Try to harmonize with the birds and let them guide you.

It seems hard, but that is life, so you must get up and try.

Help is not something you are often asked but is not rarely given.

Deep down you need it, but like the root of the tree you cannot move.

Your dreams are running away, yet you are walking.

Are you going to let them pass you by?

Stop thinking what if, those what if no longer care.

This has an end you just have to meet it at the door.

When it knocks, do not be afraid to open it.

Poem: Unsure

A small town where everybody knows you, but you do not know.

Families are growing, and most of them never leave home.

This is all you know, and that is fine.

You look into eh clouds hoping one day it may rain and open your eyes.

Your eyes never change, the vison only becomes less clear.

This is your world, the one you love dear.

Then one day the cloud’s part, and somethings starts becoming clearer.

Should you run to it or be afraid of the storm.

The clouds never lie, but when they become clear listen for the storm they bring.

The world is open, as you can see.

Take this adventure, and you may land on your feet.

There is more there than the eyes can see.

Listen to your heart and follow the breeze.

Poem: My Journey

The storm is right now down the road, yet I still do not see it.

I feel the air changing from love to hate, yet I still trust it.

When I look down the road, I see that the dust is starting rise, but I am just settled.

Is this the end have I given up hope?

I prayed for better days, but so far it has all been a struggle.

This is my journey, and I must walk to it.

The pain is gone, but I still ache for what I do not need.

As the storm is getting closer, my ground becomes firm.

I stand tall and hope something does not knock me down.

My soul is starting to leave, and I feel something coming from me.

What could this, and then I realize that I am free.

Poem: Home

It is time to go.

Back to the place that holds too much.

The spot where bridges are built and where they have been broken.

This is the places that knows me more than I could ever know myself.

I want to walk the streets that have no end.

I want to sit and watch the cars pass me by.

Go to end and just stand and listen to whatever sound the road bring.

Then travel the roads that are hidden in the dirt.

Look both ways, but still too afraid to cross the street.

I want to stand where the trees no longer barre shade.

The dirt roads lead to an adventure that you could never see.

The travels are long, but time is gone before it even began.

Where the houses are far away, but they feel so tight together.

This place holds everything, but it never got full.

Everyone knows you, but no one knows your name.

This is where I want to go.