Podcast: Reveal PRX American Rehab

I just got done listen to a new sort of podcast. I mean it is spin off from a podcast I listen to on occasion. This podcast is call Reveal PRX American Rehab, it is a deep dive into an episode they did on Reveal, that episode was the American rehab system. I must say I was not expecting everything that I learned, this show open my eyes to the rehab systems in America. There is so much that I cannot explain it here.

The podcast start talking about work-based rehab, and how did they get started. They also go into detail about how these types of rehabs have spread throughout the country over the years. They are on a search to see if this is legal. There is so many twists and turns which makes for a great podcast. There are only nine episodes, and they are not that long. It is great drive and listen podcast.

Podcast: Unspooled

A podcast that I genuinely enjoy listening to is Unspooled, this is a podcast about movies. To be more specific the first season is about the top 100 movies on the AFI list. The podcast is hosted by Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson. Paul is an actor and who loves movies, but like me has not seen that many of them, and Amy is a film critic, who has a unique eye for movies.

If you like movies you will love this podcast, I even introduce some of my friends to this podcast and they loved it. This is one of the few podcasts I listen to when I drive which is especially important to me. The second season is picking up now, but I am little behind, so I must catch up. Please listen to Unspooled. My favorite episodes are numbers 13,28,49, 63, and so many more.

Podcast: The Patdown

This must be one of my favorite podcasts to listen to every week. If you are a fan of comedy and you like hearing people talk real life stuff, then listen to The Patdown.  This is comedian Ms. Pat podcast, and she says whatever is on her mind. The things she says might offend you, but you must listen to them. She is just speaking real. I must say have of the things she says I know or have seen people that have went through the stuff that she has. This is one of those podcasts that I can listen to episodes more than once, and still laugh and learn something new. There is so much I can say about this podcast, but I think you should listen for yourself.  

Podcast: NPR White Lies

As a person that grew up around the Selma, Alabama area this podcast hit home for me. This podcast is very heavy, and you must be able to listen and hear everything that this podcast says. This podcast involves a crime that happen in Selma back in the 1960s’ and one person got away with it, and the people that covered it up. The area in which the incident takes place is an area that used to go to all the time. It is right outside where I used to go the barbershop. I also know some of the people on this podcast. This is a good podcast that everyone should listen too.

Podcast: Inside The Disney Vault

Another podcast that I like to listen to is Inside the Disney Vault, if you want to feel like a kid again just listen to them. This podcast is about all the movies that are associated with Disney. They talk about movies not just the ones that came out in theaters, but also the Disney channel original movies. Me personally I love the DCOM, more than anything. I remember watching them growing up. The things I was doing and just being a kid again. Listen to it if whenever you get a chance.