Podcast: Noble Blood

I must say when I first listen to this podcast almost two years ago, I did not think that this would become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I was at work looking for something to listen to as I was cleaning. At the time, I was into the royal family for some reason. I stumble on to Noble Blood, and I have been hooked ever since. I have learned so much that I thought I knew, but as it turns out I did not.

My favorite episode is of course episode 12 The Ice Queen, I just love that story, and I think it should be turned into a movie. I think I also like is that the episodes are not that long. That is simply perfect, and the host is perfect. Her voice is smooth and soft, but with enough power to keep you hook. I think this should be show like Drunk History was.  The host is Dana Schwartz.

Podcast: S-town(2017)

A lot of people do not know that I love podcast. I actually prefer to listen to them instead of music when I drive. I thought I show you some of my favorites. There will be some old ones, but they are still worth a listen.

The first one I think everyone should listen to S-town. It is about small town in Alabama, and the crazy story that was told for years, and trying to figure out if it is true. There are a lot of twist and turns along the way, but it is a great listen.

Most of these podcast can be found on apple podcast. I do not use Spotify so I can not tell you if they are there or not.