Poem: 31

Another year around the globe and yet nothing has change, but everything.

The love that once surround you is no more.

The place that you used to call home is gone.

The people that made you are no longer hear.

Friends have come and gone, and yet you are still smiling.

Thought it hurts that some calls will never come.

Your future is shining bright.

The shell that you used to carry on your back is starting to break.

31 years to this life and now it starting to feel complete.

Poem: New Day

The new way is starting today.

The way things were are no longer how they will be.

The calls will still come, but there will be one less voice to hear.

The voice of the one that used hold your hand and wipe your tears.

The person you never knew who voice is the only one you want to hear.

Now it cannot be it can only be played in your memories.

Soon those will fade away.

Today is a start of a new day.

It is the start of the rest of your days.

New Writing

A have been thinking the last couple of days, and I have an idea about my first writing project for this year. This year I want to commit to writing a television show. I have the idea, and think I know what I want it to be about. I just might need help with it. I want to write and develop a show that is for people like me. This will be a show about people that are living a life that is fun, but complicated.

This is going to be a journey, and I am finally ready for it. Life comes at you fast, and it can all be over with a blink of an eye. I would really apricate all the help that can get. You never know what can happen.