Poem: Have You Ever

Have you even seen the sun grow?

Have you even seen the moon go back into it shadow?

Have you ever wondered why I do not sleep?

The thought of waking up and not seeing you gave me chills worse than any nightmares.

It is hard to know what it would feel like to not have love.

Would I be, okay?

Would I just sink like quicksand?

You laugh and I try not to cry.

The truth is you do not care.

You do not love like me so how would you know.

Do you try to, no but I do?

I shed tears like the largest rainfall.

I bleed just to call your name.

Have you cared for the things I do?

Have you ever just thought of me?

I can say that I never did.


With getting older I have found a newfound respect to just listening to people talk. Not just people talk, I am talking about talk radio. I mean talk radio has completely change the way I think and move. Podcasts have become a part of my life more than music. Music has been with me since I was a child. Now I live for podcast. I love to drive down the road and just listen and learn.

Something that I have found a new love for is NPR. I never understood what NPR really was at first. Within the last year I have found myself indulge into whatever they have to offer. I listen to them whenever I get a chance. The stories are lively and to hear people just talk about what is going on with the world without all that fanfare is great. I love that they just stick to the facts.

I also love the podcasts. They are all different, but they offer you so much that you never know that you needed. They go deep and you never feel uncomfortable with what they are saying. NPR has changed my live and I glade that I was able to find it.

The Day

This day 20 years ago I was in the 5th grade sitting in Mrs. Davis class, and everything was normal. Then I remember hearing rumbles from the teachers talking about something had happen. Being a kid, I did not exactly know what they were talking about. I remember we went home I think early that day, and I used to go over my grandmother’s house after school because my mom worked the night shift. I just remember sitting on the couch, watching the tv and seeing the two towers on fire, and one falling. I was still not sure what I was seeing.

I did not know what was going on, I just know that me and my cousins were sent off to go play as the adults watch the news. There are a couple of days that I will never forget, and this is one of them. The one thing that I do remember the most is from my mother’s mother side of the family talking about this being the end of days. This scared the daylight out of me. I did not understand what they were saying, all I knew was them talking about how the world was about to end and that we all need to start praying. I think that was the moment that I started to dig deep into my faith.

This was a tragic day, and it one that we will never forget.