Poem: Addict

All it takes is one, just one is all you need.

So, you take one, then nothing.

Okay one was not right how about two.

Okay so let’s take two.

Two is not bad what could that do.

You take two and still nothing.

You wait and wait.

An hour later hay let’s take one more.

It is just one, what could that do.

Then you take one.

Still, you feel nothing.

You read the bottle it says take as needed.

At this moment you need it, and so you take it.

What harm could it do?

Then day after day you wash and repeat.

You ask yourself the same questions and the answers stay the same.

Who does this?


This is you.

This is your addiction.

This is me.

This is just a poem.

Poem: I do not know

A week to end and day to dream.

Things happen that we cannot see.

We try to push forward, but our feet do not move.

You hurt all over and you must go.

 There is no end to the madness that you scream.

You want to leave, but feelings get in the way.

It holds you deep but keeps you at bay.

The things that you hate are becoming the things that you love.

You need to go but staying is all you know.

What to do is what needs to be done.

Will it happen?

Poem: Ever Last

Tired and confused about the way things are.

The way I want things to be is coming up short to what they are.

Everything that first seemed so right have turn into a disaster to dark to see.

Nothing is the same and nothing is given.

Lost is occurring through the storm of forgiveness.

The hope that dreams were built on, have wash away with the flood from my pain.

Why me I can no longer ask.

The question has been answered more ways that I cannot see.

I think I did the right thing, but now I see I was a nightmare that ran my dreams.

I hope tomorrow brings the hope back, but right now I cannot see that lasting.

Poem: Walk On By

Where is the love?

The joy of seeing another day has become a chore.

A chore that I sometimes do not want to do.

I do it each day for you.

I see the hurt in your eyes when I try not to cry.

Trying to be strong, but I just fall to my knees after you walk by.

The way you say it will be alright, but my soul is burning inside.

Days and days go by, and you hold my hand each time.

Telling me it will be alright.

The bridge of love that we built is stronger then the hurt my heart gives.

I pull myself up each day just to see that smile on your face.

That way you know we got another day to love.

Another day to care and to just be us.

I do not know how long this will take, but the tears are starting to cool the fire inside.

My love for you is stronger than my will to give in to the demons of my soul.

One day you will no longer wonder will I awake.

You will see that I am okay and holding your hand as we walk on by.

Poem: Old Ways

The days of yesterday are no more.

The thought of being with friends are gone.

High school had ton of highs and mountains of lows.

The people that you used to hold close no longer answer you call.

Time is drifting and pulling them further apart from you.

Yesterday is no more and today is already done.

You wish it was the same, but the dream is fading away.

The early morning has turn into earlier mornings.

The late night has become less and less.

You are no longer running away from the old ways.

You are not running to them, but you cannot find the path.

It cannot be done, and time is telling so the dream is fading.

Yet you still wish for it well.