Poem: Move

Stuck in letting go but feeling free in the willing to stay.

Trying to move forward, but the storm keeps pushing you back.

You try to make things okay, but what is there to be okay about.

The storm is coming closer, but you still cannot move.

You start to cry, but tears fall down your face.

What is happening what is wrong with my feet or is it my soul.

The wind is pushing closer and there is nothing standing around.

You try again, and you still cannot move.

This is it you have given up hope.

Then you stop worrying and let everything be.

Then you became free.

Now you can move.

Poem: The Otherside

What is happening now?

Is this real or am I living in my dream’s nightmare.

The things that I cannot see are staring me in the face of me being lost.

Hurt is something that I no longer feel.

It is something that I live, and I accept it every day.

I see what could be, but the space for it I cannot find.

It is felt with unwanted desire and hopes of the things that I lost.

Everything around me is moving and once again I am standing still.

I see life passing me by, but I never can get off that train.

I just watch them go by and try for the next stop.

Will this be me forever?

Will I make it to the other side?

Which other side will I chose?

The one that I see a future.

Could it be the one that makes it all clear yet is filled with the unknown?

I do not know I just know this side no longer wants me.

Poem: Too Bright

Seeing the light has made me hate the sun.

It became too bright for me to feel.

It remined me of the things that I have lost.

It also made me hate the things that I have gain.

The story it tells remind me of the ones that I cannot write.

The way I hade hope for the future because I was told it was bright.

As it turns out it is not as bright as one might think.

It has a dimmer that I cannot set.

It shines on the one thing that I always regret.

It shines on you.

The one thing that brought me out the shadows.

The thing that can no longer be.

I cannot stand in this light anymore.

Knowing that it reminds me of you.

The things that you did that I can no longer do.

I need to go back to where I belong.

The darkness is where I called home.

POEM: Dream and Awake

Time and time again is what you keep saying.

The wanting to try and go, but the urge to stay is holding you tight.

You see the spell that cast your eyes.

The one the make hope glimmer, but it does not shimmer.

The ability to laugh is no more.

All the tears are gone and now there is nothing more.

You try to see the good that once stood there.

The hope that this was all not a dream.

The day you awake will be the day the dream dies.

It has everything that holds you up. But breaks the bones that keeps you.

You walk with regret but stand tall without the love that you once had.

There is nothing to do and nothing to say.

Your dreams are not here, but your heart is.

This time you must break it so that you can finally awake.

Then start living the nightmare that you have been dreaming.