Poem: 526 goodbye

The way this began is not how it ends.

 The memories that were made cannot be shared.

The walls that hold the secrets that can burry my soul.

With the light that was never bright, but I could always see.

Darkness holds up the way it moves, and the storm that passed through.

The numbers that I never like became ones that I will never forget.

Nightcrawlers became friends that you never knew you had.

This was a place that was only meant to be for a moment, became a chapter that is now closed.

I will never love it for all the pain it has caused, but I will always forgive it what it did.

It was you and me, and now I cannot see that it with my current vision.

The end is now, and the time is over.

I will always remember, but I will never miss you.

Thanks for the memories.

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