Poem: You + ME

The time to stop worrying is now.

The disease to heal what is wrong is now right.

The thrill to live has turn into the desire to die.

The love that was once real has turn to be fake.

The thought of being with you is no longer appetizing.

The way we were is not what it is.

The look of your eyes is the stare that leads to death.

The month we met was the day our souls lied.

The day the earth stops turning will be the day I never regret.

The day left I cried, and I cannot lie.

The things that I miss the most are the things I no longer desire.

That is why I am happy to be free.

That is also why I still dream of the days of you and me.

The thought of has shown me that it cannot be.

The end is here so it is time for me to be fly.

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