Poem: Stone

Stop the tears, they no longer hurt.

You cannot do that to me anymore.

This heart of mind that was so pure and full of joy, is not stone.

The kind that cannot break, and it all because of you.

I gave you my all, but it never was good enough.

You were tired and so was I.

I kept fighting hoping for better days, but you left me out in the rain with no hope for tomorrow.

I never knew hurt like this.

I no longer care about your feelings; your tears can no longer break me.

You made me cold, and now I am stone.

The heat we had is now just smoke from the flames.

You turn my love into something that I no longer want to feel.

Do you feel bad?

No, and that is why I am gone.

This is no longer yours to burn.

You made me stone.

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