Poem: No Longer Me

I have a vison one day, and it was not one for my dreams.

It was something vile, but it felt so true.

Nothing was clear, yet I thought that I could see everything.

For a second, I thought it was me.

It could not be, I am me, at least that is what I think.

The mirror seems clear at first, but now it is dirty.

I can longer see, my eyes are blurred, and my soul is turning.

What is happening, could this be what I think it is?

I am losing me; I am no longer who I want to be.

My soul is leaving, and I am not chasing it.

Is this the end of me?

Will this be how I go?

I honest do not no.

I used to want to smile every day, then they turned into tears.

Now I have no tears left to cry.

My time is running out and I do not feel like chasing the clock.

I think I should just let it run out.

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