Poem: Love me ?

My heart is gone.

It is no longer broken from the pain it has cause.

The hurt it gave cut deeper than the love it received.

If that even happen.

Now I am trying to start all over again.

From what you say, I do not know.

The love it gave can no longer make up for the pain it spewed.

I wish you could hear my heart, or just even see it.

You would know my true feelings, not just my pain.

I wish you were here.

I wish you stayed.

I wish I had stayed.

If we are both honest, we know that could never be.

I do not know when you heart left, but I know when mine did.

It happened twice and they replayed every day since you left.

When you came into my world, and when you left it.

I do not know what happen in between.

I just know that you were there to love me, and I never did it for you.

If I could ask you again, would you.

Would you love me?

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