Poem: Life’s Pain

What is wrong with me?

Why am I always in pain?

Is this what I deserve?

Am I not good enough?

I do not know, but the one thing I do know is I am tired.

The hurting just keeps coming, every day, and the cut gets deeper and deeper.

I can no longer stop the bleeding.

It lays beside me as I go to sleep.

I can taste it when I eat.

The pain has become normal, and I do not know if that is good or bad.

Will it ever stop?

At this point I do not think so.

I am starting to think that is okay.

This is all I got.

Everything that I want seems to be slipping further and further away.

 My life is no longer mine.

The pain I once feared has become my best friend.

Is this all I will ever have.

I honestly do not know.

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