This is just something I am working on.

Fade in

Ext. Front of the school-day

It is in the afternoon and we see the front of the school. It is a medium size school, that looks like it could be fixed or was just fixed. It does not look polished. There are tress that are on the opposite side of the school so we know that this is not a good area.

Int. High Scholl hallway- Day

We see students standing around the hallway, and we see some of them walking into classes room. We hear a lot of commotion about people talking about game. We focus on one room in particular the band room.

Unknown woman(v.o)

If anybody would like to get tickets to game on Friday they can come to office and buy them.

We look down this hallway and we do not see as many students. Come around a corner and we see a room off by itself. There are no rooms around it just this one room.

Int. Band room- Day

We come in this medium size room. We see shelfs of instruments on the wall. There are not that many instruments up there. We see students gathering around the room in there own little groups. The woodwind instruments are up front, the drumline is in the back and the horn sections are against the wall.

We then see this one guy comes in he goes over to the horn section. We then see this other guy walking with him they are chatting. The other guy walks to the drumline. We then see this group of girls walk in they are in a grade younger than the boys. One of them walks over to the woodwind section, and the other two walk over to the horn section.

The last group to walk in are the upper classmen. They all walk over to the horn section. The band director is in his office.

Band Director(v.O)

Tony come here we need to talk.

Tony is a junior and has been in the band since 7th grade. He does not really like it, but does not care that much for it.


Yes, did I do something.

The band director is in late 20’s just out of college. He has been with this band for a couple of years now. His name is Carl.

Mr. Newman

So we can’t have what happen last week happen again.


What did I do.

Mr. Newman

You know what you did, don’t let it happen again. You have to be a leader now.



Mr. Newman

In fact you are the section leader. I am going to make you the leader.


The section leader? Are you sure, what about Billy he has been doing this longer than me.

Mr. Newman

No you are the leader. I trust you. You have the right mind to lead this band. You are about to be a senior when next year.



Tony starts to daydream about being in the band for another 5 years and it freaks him out.

Tony (continued)

sigh.. Um okay… I guess.

Tony starts to walk away from the office.

Mr. Newman

Also make sure you know that song today. you can’t mess up you have to know it by today. I want you to teach it to the rest of them.

Tony walks back over to other horns players.

Billy is in the same grade as Tony. He started playing a year before Tony. Billy is one of the smartest kids in school, and he always wanted to be cool with the jocks.


So we have to be own our best behavior today. Mr. Newman was not happy about what happen last week.


What did he say now.


Well he said we have to be own our best behavior. You know how he is.


I told you guys that was foul what you did.

April is not apart of the same section as Billy and Tony, but she always hangs out in that section. She is two grades lower than them. She is a know it all, but is shy.


I don’t really care. I was not like we did anything to kill someone.


You could have Billy, and you know how Linda is. She has to tell everything. You know what happen last month.


She did what. She told about what happen on the bus.


Of course she did, and that not all she did. You know how your aunt went on the trip also.




Well she said something happen with her and it was a mess.


That little… Ugh I cant stand her. You know what screw her.


She tells everything.


Hey guys that’s enough leave that girl alone.

Linda looks over at the standing around talking and she waves her at them.

Linda is in the same grade as April, she is one of the smartest girls in her grade, but she is always tell everything that happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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