Poem: Go

Love is in the air,

Yet I am too afraid to breath it.

I do not know what it is,

But something is wrong with me.

Life is moving, and I am standing still.

I have given it my all, yet it still was good enough.

I am still in the place I was before.

Friends have come and gone.

Some even came back, but they are gone again.

I have never left.

The place I have left behind is my home,

And I crave for it every day, but I want to go back.

Not me, I am still standing in the place that has become my comfort.

I never been in love, and I do not think that love is for me.

I want to feel the love that the people that walk the streets feel.

The need to have someone that makes want to live and get up.

I cannot do that.

I need to go, but I cannot.

There are people that need me more than I need myself.

That cannot last.

Maybe I just need to leave.

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