Poem: My Place

I never thought this day would come

That I would want and yearn for this place.

I used to think that I was better than this place.

I hated the trees that surrounded me.

That gave me air to breath in your heartful fate.

The rain that would come and stay.

The cold of it make you hate it.

Now When it rains you want the cold that it brings.

I realize that I am this place

That I did not need this place.

Why am I here?

There is nothing going on but lost and hurt.

And I did not want to feel that anymore this was not my desire this was my home.

The day I left I made myself a solidum vowel.

That I would never return.                                      

Now I look out the window and wait

I hope for the rain

I hope for the cold

I hope for the faces of people that are gone.

The storm that passed

That made me who I am.

Now All I think about is my home.

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